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More about the Auvergne

Best ways to travel?

Travelling to the region of Saint-Victor-Montvianeix by car takes about 6 and a half hours from Calais, you can also get there by taking the train from Paris to Vichy or flying to Clermont Ferrand Airport (Flybe & Air France).

Trip Advisor is a very useful tool for grabbing general information or looking at cheap flights to the region.

Nearby places of interest

The Auvergne is home to some of the most beautiful villages in France:

Charroux is a fortified renaissance village. It’s main attractions are wine making and leather tanning. The village has actually developed over the years in around the centre-most square and the Saint Jean Baptiste Church (complete with magnificent bell towers over the scene).

Vichy is a 40 minute drive away and has a plethora of good restaurants, bars and cultural attractions (such as the Opera house). Vichy is also home to a fantastic golf course (the Circuit Or) with two courses very worth their green fee.

Clermont-Ferrand is about an hours drive away from Saint-Victor-Montvianeix, and is one of the larger cities in the area. Worth checking out Le puy de Dôme – a mythical volcano, listed as a “Grand Site de France”, the Puy de Dôme is located a stone’s throw from the city.